With mobile traffic far outstripping desktop browsing, a memorable logo can set you apart even on a mobile device or tablet. Our award winning logo design team will get you up and running with a logo that you love.

Logo Design/Redesign

Branding that Works

Logo Design

Your logo is the visual identity of your business – the image that sets you apart from your competition. Building brand recognition starts with your logo. A clear, attention grabbing logo provides the graphic appeal that sets the foundation of all your other branding materials. These include your website, product labels, brochures, business cards, letterhead, social media, and much more. Make your marketing imprint a lasting one with a creative and tasteful logo design.

Logo Redesign

It takes a keen eye and skilled design techniques to produce a long-lasting logo design. We can help you establish your logo and brand or rejuvenate your outdated one. As marketing and advertising expectations change, so do does taste and design. Make sure your company logo is showcasing your business as a thriving entity in today’s marketplace. Your logo is the single more important tool for engraining your brand into the community, creating recognition and loyalty, as well as, setting the stage for clients’ expectations.


Brandy Cavitt Company is a brand company that focuses on your business through a detailed and thorough process to capture the essence of your business. From there, we work to create a marketing blueprint that is easy to navigate and provides the biggest bang for your buck. By working collaboratively with our clients, we are able to create a cohesive plan to establish or relaunch your brand. We weave your brand throughout each of the design elements we craft to ensure the highest quality design work possible to spread your message.

Let us do what we do best and get your business design work off your to-do list. Contact us to develop your logo design or redesign and we will work together to implement your successful marketing plan!

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